No Vinyl, No Plastic, No Adhesives

  • Our gutter protection is made from a single piece of aluminum folded over itself and crimped to surgical grade stainless steel
  • We don’t need to use vinyl, plastic or adhesives that bend, crack and warp in hot temperatures and direct sunlight


Raised Micomesh Technology

  • Patented Raised Screen Design pattern slows the water so it can capture up to 44″ of rain an hour without “waterfalling” over the side
  • A light breeze of 5 – 10 mph enters the channels and blows away any debris, making our gutter protection self-cleaning


Attaches to Existing Gutters

  • Our gutter protection attaches directly to your existing gutters using internal brackets and self-threading screws
  • Our gutter protection doesn’t damage your roof or void your roof’s warranty because of our unique method of attaching them to your gutters

Most Advanced Gutter Protection Technology

Best Rated Gutter Protection by National Consumer Reviews

Raised Micro-Mesh to Capture Up To 44″ of Rain per Hour

100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh

No Clog, Money-Back Guarantee

We Install the Best Gutter Filters (Period)

#1 Rated by National Consumer Reviews

See that “Arrow” shape? That is the result of decades of research and engineering that makes this the only “high-flow” gutter protection in the market. Our gutter protection is rated to capture up to 44” of rain per hour without clogging or waterfalling. That means your gutters get 100% of the water and zero debris.

The ridges of the “Arrow” prevent leaves from drying flat and allows a light breeze to blow away any debris. This is truly the only self cleaning gutter protection in Northern California.

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