Best Value Gutter Guard System in California!

Gutter Guard
Protection Process

Finding the best gutter guards for your home is a simple process with Four Seasons Gutter Filter!

1 Get a Free Estimate

Your estimate is a free no-obligation meeting with our trained estimators. Call us now to schedule your appointment, or fill out a form, and we will call you.

2 Choose a Recommendation

One of our professionally-trained estimators will inspect your gutters and make recommendations for your home. You will receive a quote tailored to your home’s specific needs.

3 Expert Installation

Our team of professionally-trained installers will renovate, seal, repair, and reinforce your gutters before installing our gutter guards.

4 Inspection & Approval

Once the installation is complete, our installer will give you a walk-around of the completed work and show you photos of the installation.

Self-Cleaning Gutter Protection

Advanced Gutter Guard Technology

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We Save Your Gutter System

Attaches to Existing Gutters

  • Our gutter protection attaches directly to your existing gutters using internal brackets and self-threading screws
  • Every gutter protection package includes a full gutter renovation, saving Sacramento homeowners thousands on existing gutter replacements.
Raised Screen Design

Raised Micromesh Technology

Highest Quality Materials

No Vinyl, No Plastic, No Adhesives

  • 100% American-made products that can be produced in steel or aluminum, depending on your current gutter system. Our no-clog screen is made from 316 surgical-grade stainless steel.
  • We don't need to use vinyl, plastic, or adhesives that bend, crack, or warp in hot temperatures and direct sunlight.

Most Advanced Gutter
Protection Technology

The best self-cleaning gutter protection in California!

Best-Rated Gutter Protection by National Consumer Reviews
Raised Micro-Mesh to Capture Up To 44″ of Rain per Hour
100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh
No Clog, Money-Back Guarantee


A Self-Cleaning Gutter Guard System  (Guaranteed)

See that arrow-looking shape? That’s the result of decades of research and engineering that makes this the only “high-flow” gutter protection on the market. This design allows the screen to be a tighter mesh while allowing the highest flow of water, meaning your gutters get 100% of the water and zero debris.

The ridges of the arrow prevent leaves from drying flat and allow a light breeze to blow away any debris. This is truly the only self-cleaning gutter protection in Northern California!

Get a Free
Estimate Today!

Our free, at-home consultation typically takes around 20 minutes, and we will provide you with an exact cost for your customized solution based on your specific needs. We serve Sacramento, Fresno, and all of Central and Northern California. 

With our lifetime transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your gutters and your entire home are protected for life! 

Does anyone in your household qualify for an extra 10% senior or military discount?

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